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Sharp Bladed Box Cutters are Dangers in Your WorkplaceSharp Bladed Box Cutters are Dangers in Your Workplace
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May 2, 2016

Utility knives and box cutters are extremely common in today’s home and workplace. They are used by warehouse personnel in shipping and receiving departments, retail/grocery store checkers and stock clerks, restaurant and fast food workers, hospital employees, office personnel etc. In most circumstances they are used to cut open glued, taped or stapled packages and cartons, cut tape down the centre of boxes, and tear away shrink wrap.

In short, they are being used for everything……BUT SHOULDN’T BE!!

Why use a dangerous sharp bladed knife 100% of the time to open or cut your cartons when you can use the EZ Box Opener. The EZ Box opener opens glued, taped and stapled boxes in a safer and more efficient manner than any safety knife on the market. Most grocery stores typically have 5% – 10% case cut displays. This is where the stocking clerks cut off some of the master carton displaying the individual products and then put this case cut display on the shelf. Is a utility knife needed in this application? Absolutely, but by not using the EZ Box Opener for the other 90%-95% of the time is just insane. Simply by using the EZ Box Opener for opening glued, taped and stapled boxes and ripping thru shrink wrap typically found around flats of beer, pop, soups etc., organizations can eliminate 90%-95% of the risk of product damage and laceration injuries. The only product damage or laceration injuries would occur during the case cut process where a sharp knife is absolutely necessary.

Cutting processes are basic to all organizations’ operations, and yet we find they often are overlooked, causing employee injuries, lost production, high shrink rates and potential law suits. In today’s economic environment, these costs simply cannot be absorbed any longer. Instead, by switching to the EZ Box Opener and using it as the go-to tool for opening boxes, mandating an EZ Box Opener program and building and increasing your company’s safety culture, organizations can protect their People, their Products and their Profits.

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