Because of our unified commitment to delivering exceptional quality products, we sought out the most durable and resilient 100% post waste recycled materials available in the marketplace. The EZBO’s are durable, cleanable, versatile & when used correctly, virtually indestructible!


The EZBO’s, designed to open and deconstruct corrugated boxes, can also be used for opening carton board boxes used to package cereal and other food products.
EZBO’s can also rip through shrink wrap on cases of beverages, aid in lift-outs, open pull tabs, and a whole lot more.


EZBO’s are 100% recyclable, virtually eternal and inflict minimal harm on the environment. In the event the EZBO becomes damaged, or reaches the end of its useful life, it can be put into any recycling bin to become a reusable plastic bulk container or some other useful product.


  • The EZBO’s tape splitting teeth easily glide through tape while its tapered shaft quickly splits glued flaps without causing product damage or personal injury.
  • The EZBO’s ergonomic handle is comfortable and easy to hold reducing hand fatigue, arthritis & carpal tunnel symptoms from repetitive use.
  • The EZBO is designed for ambidextrous use making right or left handedness a non-issue .
  • The EZBO, having no sharp dangerous blade, will not be a risk to children or customer safety if left unattended at home or on a retail floor.